Simulation and analysis of electrical transients in high voltage overhead lines


Our team was responsible for modelling of electromagnetic transients in high voltage lines. The work was part of research and development project, which aimed to develop a new device prototype (fault locator) based on our simulations and analysis.

Description of the system

The system consisted of single and multiple overhead high voltage lines with various length together with other elements (like substations, current transformers) which might influence phenomenon under consideration. System elements were modelled in order to properly analyze travelling wave phenomenon which was a base for the fault locator algorithm.

Work done

Electrisim carried out transient analysis to determine the optimal algorithm of the fault locator. The scope of work included:

  • Simulation and analysis of short-circuit, switching and lightning surges, arc flash in PSCAD/EMTDC software,
  • Algorithm implementation based on wavelet transform in Matlab software,
  • Comprehensive automatic testing of various system configurations and fault types (more than hundred thousand scenarios were considered).


  • Project Type: Simulation and analysis
  • Industry: Transmission and distribution