We act as design and consulting company in electrical engineering area. We analyze each case comprehensively, using specialized software and according to standards. We can carry out following analyses for our Clients:

Industrial systems

Basic studies

  • Load flow analysis
  • Reactive power compensation studies
  • Cable and transformer sizing studies
  • Cable ampacity calculation
  • Short-circuit analysis
  • Optimization of grid layout and operation flexibility
  • Protection concept design coordination studies
  • Harmonic analysis and filter design

Operation Optimization

  • System tests and measurements

Stability & Transients

  • Static and transient motor starting
  • Transient stability verification
  • Load shedding optimization studies
  • Voltage control and primary control optimization
  • Supply reliability and security studies
  • Switching overvoltage analysis
  • Inrush and ferroresonance effect analysis

Engineering and Design of Industrial Grids

  • Design review and specifications
  • Co-generation and islanded system design
  • High power quality and reliability considerations
  • Emergency system design and analysis

Special Studies

  • Voltage sag and grid recovery analysis
  • Design of load shedding and islanding schemes
  • Application of IS-limiter and other short circuit current limitation concepts
  • Integrated electric power supply and process simulations
  • Power quality analysis

Renewable energy

Grid Impact Studies

  • System integration aspects
  • Impact analysis on stability pattern such as transient stability, frequency stability and small signal stability
  • Determination of the max. wind power and solar plant capacity installations
  • Specification of wind farm and PV plant characteristics
  • Requirements for frequency control and spinning reserve
  • Load following operational impact and cost analysis
  • Consideration on protection concepts and settings
  • Voltage support and voltage recovery
  • Power quality consideration

Integration of Renewable Energies

  • Grid integration studies
  • Wind farm and solar plants design studies
  • Reactive power compensation and control
  • AC/DC bulk power transfer design
  • Development of integrated control concepts for dispatch able generation and storage systems

Power System Analysis Aspects

  • Deterministic and probabilistic load flow analysis
  • Short circuit analysis considering power electronic devices
  • Reactive power compensation and filter design
  • Voltage control requirements
  • Park layout and dimensioning of components
  • Earthing concepts
  • LVRT and voltage recovery studies
  • Protection design and coordination studies

Transmission and distribution systems

Power Flow and Fault Level studies

  • Balanced and unbalanced AC/DC grid analysis
  • Contingency analysis

Voltage stability analysis

  • PQ/PV curve determination
  • Eigenvalue Analysis

FACTS and HVDC Applications

  • Determination of location, type & design
  • Dynamic performance & control requirements
  • AC/DC filter design
  • Reactive power requirements

Specific Distribution System Analysis

  • Regional and area planning
  • Loss reduction analysis
  • Voltage profile optimization
  • Capacitor & reactor placing
  • Voltage flicker reduction
  • Distribution grid restructuring

Specific Transmission System Analysis

  • Network modelling
  • Performance of Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Design studies
  • System reinforcement & cost assessment
  • Techno-economical evaluation
  • AC/DC Overlay Grid design
  • Harmonic load flow
  • Filter design
  • Reactive power compensation assessment
  • Power factor correction

Grid Stability Analysis

  • Dynamic, transient & frequency stability
  • Small Signal stability / eigenvalue analysis
  • Power System Stabilizer (PSS) tuning
  • AVR & governor control tuning
  • Optimization of load shedding

Grid code requirements

  • Grid Codes
  • Development of Grid Codes & Connection Conditions
  • Determination of technical requirements
  • Grid Code Compliance Analysis
  • Compliance analysis on basis of simulation models and test results
  • Analysis of power quality aspects
  • Development of control and protection strategies
  • Development of simulation models for PV- and Wind generators
  • Model validation according to grid code requirements

EMT-based Studies

  • Earthing and transient over-voltage studies
  • Insulation coordination
  • Lightning studies
  • Cable, transformer & capacitor switching studies
  • Ferro resonance studies
  • Inrush current determination
  • Subsynchronous Resonance Analysis
  • Frequency scanning studies

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