Wind farm electrical and earthing system


Electrisim was contracted several times for the analysis of wind farms electrical end earthing system. Our main goal was to provide optimized solution, which would fulfill all technical requirements and at the same time would be attractive in terms of costs.

Description of the system

We have analyzed multiple wind farms starting from few MW and ending at hundreds of MW installed power.

Work done

Electrisim carried out several analysis to determine the optimal wind farm electrical and earthing system. The scope of work included:

  • Load flow analysis,
  • Short circuit analysis,
  • Switching and lightning surge analysis using EMTP-ATP software, including selection of surge arresters for the wind farm system,
  • Economical choice of medium voltage cables including power/energy losses, choice of cable type etc.
  • Reactive power calculation,
  • Trench backfilling specification,
  • Earthing analysis and earthing material specification for the whole wind farm

We were also responsible for grid compliance tests after wind farm energization.


  • Project Type: Simulation, analysis and design
  • Industry: Renewables